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Track Out Routing Recall for Ableton Live - Max for Live device

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Track Out Routing Recall for Ableton Live - Max for Live device

Ableton Drummer / Ableton Kurse
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Create and Recall Presets for the output routing of all tracks in Ableton Live!

This Max for Live devices becomes handy if you use different external sound cards/audio interfaces. Sometimes you run into the issue of working on an Ableton Live set without having the audio interface present you will use for your live-performance. (Max for Live + Ableton Live 11 is required!)

Change output routings quickly and recall output routings presets automatically!

Please watch the tutorial:

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Compatibility: Ableton 11 Suite or Ableton Live 11 Standard with Max for Live installed

OS: Mac & WIndows

Min. Requirements: MaxforLive 8.3 is essential

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