Audio Trigger To MIDI Note in Ableton Live - Max for Live

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This Max for Live device lets you convert audio (trigger) signals to MIDI notes with a pre-set velocity.

This comes handy for using drum triggers/electronic drum pads directly plugged into your external audio interface - NO TRIGGER TO MIDI INTERFACE NEEDED! -

Ableton Live 11 + Max for Live is required to use this plug in.

--> More infos and set-up guide HERE!!!


  1. Create an Audio Track and place the "Audio Trigger to MIDI Note device" on there
  2. Plug-in your pad/piezzo/trigger into your external sound card - MAKE SURE THAT THE GAIN IS ALL THE WAY DOWN + PHANTOM POWER IS OFF!!!
  3. Route the AUDIO from your external sound card TO the audio track in Ableton Live
  4. Adjust the threshold for the incoming audio signal - when the signal is going over the threshold a MIDI note will be triggered.
  5. Set the MIDI note pitch + velocity you would like to be created
  6. Set the MIDI Track the MIDI should be received on

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Ableton Live 11 Suite or Ableton Live 11 Standard with Max for Live installed

OS: Mac & WIndows

Min. Requirements: MaxforLive 8.2.2 is essential

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Audio Trigger To MIDI Note in Ableton Live - Max for Live

20 ratings
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