Edrum Cymbal Choke with Ableton Live Set-Up Guide (PDF)

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This 12 pages PDF guide explains how you can archieve "cymbal choking" (grabbing your e-cymbal pad to mute cymbal samples) with Ableton Live 11.

Making this technique work depends on your e-drum module capabilities. (Will work with Roland TD-27, TD-30, TD-50, TM-6Pro and more).

It will work with drum Plug-Ins like SSD5, Addictive Drums 2, EZDrummer2 and more.

One additional Max for Live device included in this download which solves some with some drum VSTs. (Max for Live is required for using this device!)

This guide comes for free / pay-what-you-want - of course a donation is highly appreciated.

If you pay/donate please use a credit card option (if possible) as PayPal seller fees are quite high. THX!

Thx Tobi / AbletonDrummer.com


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Edrum Cymbal Choke with Ableton Live Set-Up Guide (PDF)

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